March 13, 6pm – 8pm.  Hawaii voted for their nomination for president in the first ever state wide Republican Caucus.

Totals are final.

The Big Island that is “Hawaii” declared their support for a limited government, non-interventionist foreign policy, and sound monetary policy by placing Ron Paul 1st among Republican candidates.


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115 Responses to Ron Paul Wins Hawaii!

  1. Asif says:

    Canadian’s for Ron Paul! The whole world would change if he became President!

  2. admin says:

    Republican? Or republic no can… the Choice is yours.. vote RON PAUL!

  3. Candidate for Presidet, natural born American Citizen Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is committed to Peace, Prosperity, Individual Rights, Limited Government under the Constitution for the United States of America, the Supreme Law of the Land. Read more at

  4. Matthew Bowler says:

    Thanks for the comment. I hope that we can stop the federal government from taking over Hawaii. One of our local issues is the Jones Act. If we could open up trade, we would have much cheaper prices for all goods shipped here. Please let me know if there is any particular issue that we can discuss. I realize I am in the minority, but we have support from all races religions and creeds. Freedom is popular. Part of the reason we have 50 states in the U.S. is to protect freedom. Having a constitution means freedom to govern ourselves. If the Federal Government was smaller, Hawaii could govern itself however it wanted.

    Let me know if you are open to discussion.

    Matthew Bowler

    • Roger Sund says:

      Just curious Matt why you think repealing the jones act would make shipping goods cheaper inter island shipping has nothing to do with the jones act nor does any thing coming from California the jones act only states that if a foreign flagged ship loads cargo at a US port it must dock and unload cargo at a foreign port before it can go to another US port the real problem is with the unions longshoremen and seafarers some of those guys make over 200k a year and the union bosses well over 20 million a year no non-union company has ever challenged them except the ferry we all saw where that went

      • admin says:

        Good questions.. I am not the expert on the Jones Act for sure. I have been told the problem is foreign ships bypass Hawaii because they would not be able to continue on to California if they stop here. I agree, the shipping industry needs to be challenged regardless of the Jones Act.

        • Roger Sund says:

          If the unions would wake up and build a port in Hawaii they would make a lot more by charging freight from Hawaii to the mainland the more times they handle the freight means more workers wich means more Union dues and pass the up charge to the reisidents in California there is a lot more population for them to raise rates in Cali than in Hawaii … If Oahu would build a brand New port instead of a train our economy would boom our cost go down mainland goes up Cali must have a deal with the unions to make sure they by pass us

  5. Blase Harris says:

    I first became politically active when in 1964 – I campaigned for the Pro-Liberty, Pro-Constitutional Presidential Candidate – Barry Goldwater.

    I first voted in 1972 when I voted for Democratic Presidential Candidate George McGovern, because he said, “No more War!”

    In 1984 when Ronald Reagan’s actions did not match his speeches [written by Karl Hess one of the Founders of the Libertarian Movement], I joined the Libertarian Party. I became Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party for one year and Chairman of the Libertarian Party for 9 years.

    I stopped voting in 1996 because the cause for Liberty seemed hopeless, but this time we have a chance to get the Rule of Law of Constitutional Government back, to get back to the Principles laid down in the Declaration of Independence.

    Therefore – as former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii – I am pleading with all Libertarians, Independents & Democrats – JUST THIS ONCE – to jump Parties and vote for Ron Paul in the Primary. And Republicans, this time you can stay just where you are and vote back your integrity and your souls by voting RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!

    • Roger Sund says:

      Dont worry he has the libertarian votes as well as a lot of Obamas former supporters we just need to get Ron Paul on the ballot the real problem is getting the delegates past the GOP in Florida they are up to no good undermining so that Mitt gets on the Gop ballot they will tell non binding Delegates that are for Ron Paul that they all ready have their delegates and they dont need to go we need trained Ron Paul delegates that know how not to be pushed around the best way is to not say who you support other than the Republican party or tell them Mitt but when you get to Florida Vote Ron Paul this includes alternates and remeber the procedure of Roberts Rules

  6. Blase Harris says:

    Ron Paul is the only Presidential Candidate with moral integrity and logical consistency.

    Because you heard the expression “honest rape”, you state, “Ron Paul is a rapist’s best friend.”

    “Honest rape” means a rape actually occurred. You must realize that not everyone who claims rape has actually been raped. Remorse over picking the “wrong boyfriend” or “revenge” are among the many possibilities. In a society that relies upon abortion as a means of birth control, respect for Life and Liberty is destroyed.

    In the case of an “honest rape”, there is a window of time during which the sperm has not reached the egg. If you listen carefully to what Dr. Paul (who is also an Obstetrician- Gynecologist) says, you will hear him explain that an estrogen shot or morning after pill can be used during this window of time following a rape to prevent conception, and, therefore, no abortion need occur.

    Once conception has occurred, there is another life involved, so understanding the above window of time is crucial. A fetus is not just an inert lump of tissues to be disposed of in the trash can or down the toilet. A fetus is not devoid of rights. To ignore the psychological/spiritual damage that a woman who destroys the life she carries is to be utterly uncompassionate towards women and murderously cold-hearted towards life.

    In his interview with Piers Morgan, Ron Paul rightly pointed out that Society and the Law recognize that the fetus has rights. If a pregnant woman aborts as a result of an auto accident, the person causing the auto accident is held responsible for the death of the fetus, because a fetus has rights. Such cases involving the possibility of homicide belong at that State Level.

    The Federal Government has no jurisdiction in issues involving homicide. This lack of Jurisdiction is the underlying fallacy of Roe vs Wade.

    If you believe in Liberty and Freedom, you should extend these ideals to all members of the human race, including Life within the womb. Ron Paul has repeatedly pointed out, “Life like Liberty comes from God.” Therefore Life must be held precious if Liberty is held precious.

    RP 2012!

  7. Elaine says:

    Hi msknowitall.

    Your response to the topic is very passionate. I hope you can take a moment to rethink what was really said during the interview.

    I think you may have misunderstood “honest rape” to indicate that Dr. Paul was favoring the rapist. He was simply differentiating between true rape and a woman accusing a man she hates and wants to get in trouble for rape. There’s a lot of that going on.

    In the event of the former, Dr. Paul said he would advocate an estrogen shot to intercept conception. In other words, there is a window between intercourse and conception in which impregnation can be stopped. It’s up to the woman to immediately go to an ER and report the rape rather than wait until the baby has begun developing in the womb. Every hospital has the ability to assist a woman in this matter.

    Dr. Paul was not siding with rapists. He is not a rapist’s best friend. He’s an unborn child’s best friend. Keep in mind that babies that could live outside the womb, come out crying and are thrown into the garbage. We must have greater hearts than that.

    I believe in the proper setting – not one in which he is constantly being interrupted as was the case in this specific interview – Dr. Paul would make a choice that would be liberty minded.

    I am the other 50% you are referring to and I do not at all feel that Dr. Paul is excluding us women from the ideals of liberty and freedom.

    I hope you will reconsider your support for Dr. Paul considering his record of high integrity and incorruptibility. As Dr. Paul said, this is too complex for him to give an answer that will “satisfy everyone.”

    Best wishes.

  8. Eric Nilsson says:

    Hi everyone, I am new to Hawaii and would like to get involved in promoting Ron Paul! Let’s get Hawaii to Ron Paul’s side! I’d love to meet up with you guys some evening or weekend, so let me know! I live in Honolulu, and my e-mail address is

    Looking forward to meeting all you Hawaii Ron Paul supporters soon!


  9. Elaine says:

    We will be meeting again for another Sign Waving on Friday February 3rd from 3-5 PM
    on Church Row on Mamalahoa Hwy in Waimea on the Big Island.

    We plan on meeting every Friday until the Caucus on March 13. This is a great group and we have a lot of fun. The community’s response has been very positive.

    You can find additional information and updates at:

    Please join us!!!

  10. Sonnie :) says:

    I will take a bullet for this man, Ron Paul.

  11. Elaine says:

    Anyone here on the Big Island near Waimea? We’re having a sign waving on Monday January 23 and Friday January 27 3-5 PM on Mamalahoa Hwy across from Foodland.

    Join us if you can or just stop by and say hi. Details are on

  12. JustMe says:

    Help us Obi Ron. You’re our only hope!

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  13. Timothy Patterson says:

    Ron Paul, by far, is going to be the next president. Brak Obama’s “grass roots” campagining was good enough to win him one election; However, Ron Pauls thirty years in Congress suggest to me that he “planted the grass!” Ron Paul is a brilliant and very well informed speaker that, to me, is enchanting to watch. I think alot of us know the tone of dishonesty or, better stated, “I know when I being lied to.” Amazingly enough, after hearing Ron Paul speak, I do not feel as though I have been undermined or intellectually duped. Instead, I experience forward thinking, or the idea of prosperity. I don’t know about you, the reader of this post, but I like words that generate images of authentic liberty, honesty, and integrity.
    I have three college degrees and I am pursuing a career in the realm of health care. As far as I can see Dr. Ron Paul would be a great reference on issues surrounding health care reform. I mean, it would only make sense to ask a doctor what they think!
    Audit the Fed? Thats right, he said it publicly. Good for you Ron Paul, Dr. Paul (Md/ OBGYN), Sgt. Paul, and Senator Paul.
    Get rid of the department of education? Yes… Yes, very good Mr. Ron Paul.
    My overall attitude is that Brak Obama told Americans “It’s time to eat you pea’s?” Not a good image in my mind. My point is, there is little to no negativity in the speaking tone, body language, or overall attitude of Ron Paul and thoes three things are very very powerfull, I suspect that the other canidates, as the race continues, will begin to take more of a “Ron Paul” approach or tone, however, what us as the viewers will see is discontentment in the attitude of Ron Pauls opponents, and well the truth has that kind of stifling effect.
    Ron Paul has had an honest career, he knows no other way but the honest way and that is why, Bar None, Sen. Ron Paul has my vote. If he makes a mistake, at least it will be an honest one.

    • DonJ says:

      Don’t forget we have all the information for each candidates voting records. They are all Obama lights except for Ron Paul. Even our elected from Hawaii vote on Obama’s side. Inouye has been voting Socialist for 40 years because as he said, he’s a Socialist and has a card to prove it. Abercrombie already has us in trouble.

  14. Kai says:

    Anyone in Hawaii know where I can pick up Ron Paul t-shirts and campaign materials like pamphlets and brochures? I haven’t been able to attend any of the meet-ups since I usually work nights but I still want to do my part in spreading the word.

  15. John W. Martin says:

    From what I have seen and all the arguments ‘presented’, there is no question in my mind that I unequivocally WILL ABSOLUTELY vote for RON PAUL for our next President. It is time that we return some SANITY to the office of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES… Thanks for offering this platform to voice my heartfelt opinion.

  16. Merrie says:

    Ron Paul is gaining momentum at light speed! The youth of America are supporting him in mass droves. I hope he lives to win the election. Unlike Obama I would respect Ron Paul and support his presidency. I shutter to think what the “party” would do to take his empowerments once he takes the oath. END THE FED! VOTE RON PAUL 2012! Aloha to all! MCB

  17. Matthew Bowler says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate taking positions that reduce racism and discrimination in the justice system. We should all be treated like individuals and respect others in the same way.

  18. Trip says:

    As I understand it, the Republican caucus in March does not vote for a Presidential nominee. The only reason I would ever want to register as a Republican is to vote for Ron Paul, therefore, I see no purpose in registering as a Republican, unless by some unexpected miracle, Ron Paul became the Republican nominee for next November.

  19. educated says:

    We should stop making surface level judgements about a candidates race, and focus on the reality of what candidates are fighting for. If you want to vote for Obama just because he is not white, you are being just as racist as you claim all the white republicans are.

    Ron Paul has fought for equal rights for people of all races. He has stated his thoughts clearly, that drug laws have been unfair to black people. He is not your typical republican. Stop judging a person based on the party he is with, and think about the heart of his goals.

  20. Tim says:

    Eel Kwah, your name fits perfectly. He reminds nobody of Captain Cook. You never new the guy you clown. Obama land? why becuase he went to school here for a brief period of time? I am a land and business owner here……are you? I ate better before his ass faked a birth certificate and lied his way into office. Ron Paul will put shit straight again. There is a CONSTITUTION that makes life better for all of us. Ron Paul will re-instate the document written for us, that obama “berry soetero” uses as toilet paper and a door mat. He is signing a bill to arrest us without warrants and kill our bill of rights. good call eel

  21. Hana says:

    I registered as a republican in order to vote for Ron Paul in March. Not only is he my choice but he is the only one who can win against Barack Obama. This is not Obama land. This is Hawaii and there is nothing that states that we will forever be ruled by democrats. If the Hawaiian people could stop abolish their religion on the grounds that human sacrifices were an abominable act, end a system of monarchial absolute rule and recognize that we are all created equal, then we can get rid of the welfare state too.

  22. says:

    Here’s an opportunity to vote for the “change” you wanted…Ron Paul 2012.

  23. Shane Hiro says:

    If you like the way things are, vote for any presidential candidate… If you want change, freedom, and reason, vote for RON PAUL…

  24. msknowitall says:

    No, Paul doesn’t want Single Payer, so he won’t run with Kucinich. Single payer is the answer to the health care dilemma, eliminate the middlemen of the greedy insurance racketeers.

    If Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura will run on a third party ticket, make some new party, they could pull all the independents and the disgruntled from both sides of the aisle. That would be a chance for them to win, otherwise, I don’t see Paul winning anytime soon.

    Another problem with Paul, aside from the apparent racism, and lack of aloha for women, is that ‘free market’ fantasy…we have pretty much a free gangster/corporate run economy now, and the giant corporations have destroyed our democracy, proven by the fact only five companies (and the intelligence agencies) control the media and they select the candidates.

    Also, if there were no federal student loans, no poor kids would ever get into college. All Americans should get free education through college if we want to stay at the top of food chain.

    The way it is now, with only the wealthy able to afford college, it ensures the continuation of the oligarchies. American are willing to spend 40 grand a year to keep a kid in prison, instead of paying 40 grand a year to educate him. SO, we have more prisons being built than colleges. You see where this is going?

    What we need is a new economy, based on something other debt…which keeps everyone enslaved by the bankers.

    • Matthew Bowler says:

      Some of the things you say are right… “gangster/corporate run economy” is actually corporatism. Large corporations benefit the most from our fiat money policy and use the money to buy political power. Your summary is spot on… need an economy based on something other than debt. That something is explained in the constitution as gold and silver, but before that we should have freedom to use competing currency. Ron Paul loves women and babies. Get over it.

    • laurice says:

      I know your post is from november 2011 but Ron Paul is currently winning! He’s got all the delegates.

      Federal Loans Myth
      Poor kids would not be able to go to college that’s not true because when my parents were going to college in the 70’s they were able to work at Denny’s or any restaurant to pay for their college. So at some point college was actually affordable and anyone could go to college and be able to put themselves through college. I graduated from undergraduate about 5 years ago and I would not have been able to put myself through college and pay bills with a waitress job. When the government decide that they will pay for students to go to college, the colleges decide that they will charge a ridiculous price for college tuition because well the gov’t will pay any price and they don’t even have to make the education better.
      On the flip side, if there were not federal student loans, then the colleges will be more competitive in pricing and quality of education so that they can attract students.

      Prisons Argument
      Ron Paul agrees with you on this. He will help to eliminate the number of people in prison. Only the really bad criminals should be put in jail, not the petty stuff. Ron Paul believes in our Liberty, which is the right to your own life and what you want to do with it is up to the individual so long as it doesn’t hurt everyone around them. So people are going into jail and serving 5 years for just having marijuana possession while rapist and molesters and killers serve the same time or less? That’s crazy right?

      Free Market Fantasy Myth
      If the government was not there to bail out the large corporations, instead the government’s job is to enforce the contracts rather than acting like the parent who decides to help a kid pay their rent because it just so happens that they didn’t budget, splurged their money. Then the corporations would be accountable for their own negligence and they will know damn well that if they trade with the people it’s give and take, not take and take. That’s what a free market is. Giant corporations are definitely censoring the media against Ron Paul because they are afraid, he changes the game for them. The makes it so that they cannot just screw their fellow countrymen.

  25. Titus says:

    After leaving for over 25 years in the Islands I have a good grasp about the Hawaiian cultural divide. The Hawaiian independence movement is directed at the opressor, the federal government. Aloha philosophy wich by enlarge is based on “do good to the world and will do you a world of good” was their downfall in the hands of the missionaries. If Dr. Paul succeed in his bid for presidency the military occupation of the kingdom may be coming to an end.

  26. Larry Laird says:

    respond to eel kwah, Ron Paul as president would try harder than obummer to give the islands back to native Hawaiians wake up and realize democracy is evil and no nation ever lasted long under its rule.

  27. msknowitall says:

    DearAdmin- You mean exacerbated, not exasperated….

    I like some of Ron Paul’s ideas – ending the wars, ending the Federal Reserve, reducing the size of the federal government.

    Our federal agencies have now devolved to the point where each is it’s own little fiefdom, a racket, that seeks to perpetuate itself at all costs. If they are tasked with regulating an industry, then they are filled with people from that industry who make sure that any regulation does not occur.

    The problem with Paul is that he is a racist. This was revealed in his newsletters, which he claims he did not read….give me a break. Also, he does not think women should have abortions, and that poor women should not get federal assistance for same. That is just cruel, not to mention shortsighted. Women’s reproductive health care is a private issue, and should not be a political football.

    That said, I would consider voting for him, if It hought that he could actually end the Federal reserve and get out of wars. Frankly, we all know what happens to Presidents who seek to end the wars, and the Federal reserve. SO, in that case, it is his running mate who is important. Who would Ron Paul select as his running mate?

    If he chooses Dennis Kucinich, I would most certainly vote for him.

    • admin says:

      If you think Ron Paul is a racist you are either ignorant or you want to belittle him because of some other policy. He doesn’t believe in describing people as groups but rather as individuals. Ron Paul points out that minorities are unfairly targeted for illegal drug use and would end the drug war at the federal level.

      Ron Paul in fact did not write that newsletter.

      Ron will not run with Dennis because of his social policies such as a single payer health system.

  28. Robert Smith says:

    It will take similar minds to enact any of Ron’s ideas and hopefully there will be enough.
    Two items, perpetual wars and the Federal Reserve are bankrupting the American people as I write.
    The trillions saved by bringing the troops home and evacuating countries such as Germany
    would be phenomenal. Paying interest to the clandestine Federal Reserve (which is not federal at all
    but rather a group of private bankers) would also help save the economy. Lincoln dealt with similar issues (greenbacks) and some speculate died for it (yes I know what the consensus thinks). As far out as many of Ron’s ideas seem (no war on drugs); the fact of the matter is that we have wasted billions over the decades to no avail. Many politicians no long appear to care about American but rather are concerned about their politall well being and all the perks that go along with it. I voted for Obama because I liked the idea of bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America (via tax incentives). Things have not panned out. A broke country is not a viable country. I believe Ron Paul’s ideas bring sanity to chaos and failures that has gone on for too long. He can however, not do this alone!

  29. Ms. Lucas says:

    Is Hawaii GOP chair being asked to step down because he supports RonPaul for President?
    I hope not! He’s one of the few honest guys we have, this is very disdurbing !

  30. michael says:

    it’s strange to see this site being attacked from Ron Paul haters. it’s known that there are paid groups out there specifically to attack Ron Paul on many platforms including youtube, this seems to be the case for this website. because if anyone cared to listen to Ron Paul’s interviews would clearly see that this man has spoken the truth for 40 years. i will do what it takes to get him elected.

    • admin says:

      Actually, I do advertise this site, so it’s no surprise to me that haters find their way here. I think it’s funny though, the right are more afraid of Ron Paul than they are their sworn enemies “the left”. This country has fallen so far. Perhaps when the crash occurs we will be able to emerge as a renewed principled republic. Peace, Prosperity, Individual Rights, Limited Government.

  31. Eugene Cox says:

    I’m supporting Ron Paul because I think ending our wars is the most important issue of all, and Obama has failed to do so. Obama has shown himself to be a complete banker/corporate stooge also, filling his administration up with bankers and CEOslike Volcker, Geithner, Summers, Rubin, Immelt, etc, bailouts to their rich companies like GE, Goldman Sachs, and supporting job destroying free trade agreements.

    Obama has to go, and the best, the only good Republican is Ron Paul, the other Republicans would actually be worse then Obama since they are all Bush clones.

  32. Matthew Bowler says:

    Why were we paying billions to Mubarak? The people didn’t like him and now we lost all that money. Why did McCain want to sell arms to Libya? Why must the U.S. intervene in every problem in the world? The whole middle east is a problem I can live without involvement. Look at the history since 1953 and see since we have been involved it has not gotten any better.

  33. No ISOLATIONIST like Ron Paul! No, No, NO.
    Anyone but pro-Soviet Socialist, Kenyan born Obama, who wants to be a Stalin. No, Not Anyone but Obama, Anyone but Obama on the far too far left and RON Paul who is far too far Libertarian, anarchist and Isolationist.

    I could vote for almost anyone else but these two.

    His ideas about bringing our troops home is a disaster waiting to happen. What few friendly nations still exist will abandon our friendship and join our sworn enemies. The last few loads of our military to leave will be sitting ducks for a massive attack by those still in rebellion against the causes of liberty and justice we were assisting the people of that country to attain.

    When we abandon our few remaining allies, we lose not only our military superiority but our intelligence gathering ability so we don’t see what’s coming at us until it hits us.

    Then, when we impose tariffs on foreign made goods to force our people to buy overpriced products because they are Made in USA to fatten the wallets and bank accounts of Union bosses who keep forcing their membership to demand ever increasing wages and benefit packages, so they will pay dues and into pension funds that are often raided to pay to keep politicians in power who will aid the union bosses, other nations retaliate with tariffs of their own and virtually dry up the market for already too-high priced US products. (Please do not misunderstand me. Unions were necessary to end child labor and sweat-box employment practices, but anyone who watches and pays attention knows what I have just said is totally true.)

    • admin says:

      Free trade. Limited Government. Peace for a change.

      You are such a hypocrite with your endless wars on ideas like the war on terrorism. Ron is the best candidate because he understands what the Federal Government is supposed to provide for us, and not what the politicians lie about being able to achieve.

      We had a war on poverty and now we have 14% of the U.S. that can’t even afford FOOD! If Ron Paul does not stop the government it will implode on it’s own!

  34. Charlie A says:

    So we agree that there is a problem with government today – it’s an autoimmune disease. Ron Paul wants to return to a limited Constitutional government, which you also support. It seems to me that we already had that, and it didn’t work, for if it did, the US Gov’t wouldn’t be in the mess it is today. Lysander Spooner said that the Constitution has either authorized the mess the gov’t is in today, or has been powerless to stop it, in either case, the Constitution is unfit to exist.

    • admin says:

      Ron Paul may be our last best chance. I hope you agree that his existence and timing is not just coincidence. I am consistently impressed, motivated and inspired by his message, philosophy, and values. If a Ron Paul presidency doesn’t work.. and I am sure none other would do.. perhaps I will follow YOUR lead.

      There is only one way to lead, and that is by example. Ron is the best example I have come across and gives me hope that I won’t be forced into a lifestyle of non participation or worse.

    • DonJ says:

      You are way off base Charlie, the Constitution gives no power to the government, it gives it to you. We have let unscrupulous politicians circumvent and disregard our Constitution. They must be replaced. It will take you 45 minutes to read the Constitution, read it.

  35. Charlie A says:

    I will not be an organizer for Ron Paul this election like I was last time because I’ve learned that as long as you have government, you cannot have freedom. The concept of people calling themselves government is a cancer upon the earth. Ron Paul wants limited cancer, I want no cancer.. Thanks to Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio for these ideas.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. The reason the U.S. constitution was made was to provide defense. Do you think the King of England would leave us alone if he knew we were defenseless? What you ask for is to be dominated by anyone who can form a military.

      Cancer is caused when the body does not fight off bad cells. The best chance for a cure to fight the cancer is Ron Paul.

      A limited form of government is like the immune system. Right now our immune system has an Autoimmune disease and it is attacking us.

      There are several good ideas in the U.S. Constitution. I hope this is not the generation that gives up on it. The people who created it believed in liberty and that is expressed in the Bill of Rights.

      I want a limited immune system. Not one that consumes and kills everything.

  36. Philip Strauss says:


  37. Philip Strauss says:

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!! Bring our soldiers home!

  38. Dave says:

    Adherence to the founding constitutional principals.

  39. titus says:

    Obama, yes we no can. Ron Paul for 2012 !!!!!

  40. Kacee says:

    Lack of Government control of Big-Business is ‘moronic’.
    It leads to ever widening gap between the rich and the non-rich.
    That’s not what this country was all about.

    • admin says:

      You can have your control of big business. Just not with big government. Can you read the words coming off of my webpage? IF you centralize power, the corporations are obligated to try and seize that power. Not too long ago, Microsoft was SUED under anti-monopoly law for trying to give their crappy internet browser away. Now since Microsoft have been forced to have lawyers, they have found being involved with government to be more profitable than not. Big Government = good for BIG BUSINESS. Not the little guys. This is especially true in Hawaii, where we have a shipping monopoly enforced by law. Hawaii can do better without these shipping laws such as the Jones Act. Who are the biggest criminals in Big Business? No need to look further than big government that is SUPPOSED to regulate them. Try investigating the FDA. They are worse then in bed with each other…. they are one in the same!

  41. Kacee says:

    All that glitters is not gold on this candidate.
    What it boils down to is:
    Either you want the Government to control Big-Corporate or,
    You want Big-Corporate to control the Government.
    The government is responsible to the people.
    Big-Corporate is responsible to its shareholders, CEOs, etc. period.
    I’m sorry, but I think you’re dreaming if you think private Big-Corporate has a great deal of interest whether your family has a decent retirement or whether they receive top care for their illness, or whether the environment affects your health, or the air is fit to breathe, etc., etc.,, except of course——————–if any of the above, raise their profits. How about if we go back to child labor or 18 hour work days. Or maybe burning witches in Salem, or whuppin’ the workers for more productivity.
    No thanks.
    No, espousing miniscule, government solves none of the problems. Efficient Government does.
    Just a thought.

    • admin says:

      Your solutions are short sighted. If the individual is sacrificed for corporations or for society, you are left with only dependents. The solution is personal property rights and individual rights. The situation we have now is that Big-Government can legalize destruction of individuals personal property because big corporations lobby for it. As an individual, I have no means of lobbying congress. Therefor, the decisions should not be made at the federal level, rather at the local court.
      Efficient Government is an oxymoron.
      First it is important to identify the role of the different governments that we have. The reason the constitution was created was to defend our freedom from the increasing political pressure from Europe. The Articles of Confederation were not strong enough because of currency and tax issues. With the adoption of the Constitution we would have a proper defense and other things listed in Article 1 section 8.
      Everything else is left up to the states. There is nothing wrong with individual states creating what ever type of government they want. There is something wrong with the Federal Government, which is the most inefficient form, taking responsibilities that are outside it’s boundaries.

      • titus says:

        The republic is about of government by law. Political influence did away with the constitution, civil liberty, true trial by jury…..the list is endless and replace it with the best law that money can buy. If the history is any guide, the pitch forks would be coming out soon and would be off with their heads.

  42. fred says:


  43. Excellent site, and the Admin has provided some insight I think far too many have not been exposed to.

    With all due respect to the Hawaiian people, I wonder if they will ever understand that the only way for their desire for sovereignty (or something much closer to it than what they have) would be to elect representatives in the House and Senate, and a President who all believe in LIMITED federal government… This necessarily means relying less on money flowing back into Hawaii from Washington D.C., but would bring with it the authority and responsibility for governing Hawaii back to the people of Hawaii. If you want more power over your own state, you have to cut the purse strings.

    Excellent site. Glad to know another freedom-loving patriot in paradise.

    • admin says:

      Our biggest expense could become our greatest asset. I’m talking about shipping costs. Imagine if it was not for the Federal Government and the Jones Act, we would have immense shipping industry. Instead, we have 2 companies that agree to keep competition out and keep prices high. Don’t even get me started on the electricity costs.

      • Roger Sund says:

        The problem is infrastructure if you have ever been to long beach California they have a port that can unload the biggest cargo ships in a day they can unload 50 ships in one day with 200 workers we need that kind of port in hawaii then we can have american ships bring it to California the Jones act is not stopping the ships the lack of super duty overhead cranes is the problem get rid of the rail and build a port for cargo it will be a win win for everyone

  44. john says:

    This Hawaiian tribal regressionist seccesion mentality is identical to the Taliban ideoligy. Humanity will only have a chance if we follow that all men and women are created equal (no kings or queens) and the rule of law.

  45. admin says:

    The Ron Paul store is OPEN! Oh, and buy some “Liberty Defined” books to hand out to friends and family.

  46. Mark Terry says:

    Ron Paul is probably too far correct and his ideas are too good for him to be elected. But he is by far the best candidate, the man I’d want to be president. I think he deserves our support.

  47. Tanya says:

    Dugbyn71 and Scotty s. Kacee…you are so wrong. Ron Paul is a cut above the rest of the republican candidates. You are so ignorant when you say he is just the same old republican stuff. Did you even listen to all his speeches and debates between the republicans?!? They were even criticizing him for being a libertarian and not really “republican”. Please educate yourself before you say comments like that. You know why the two party system are scared of Ron Paul? Because he doesn’t fit into their corrupt mold. I too didn’t know about this man…but a lot of people are talking about him because they are tired of the same bullshit …that is our govt. From Bush to Obama. Two sides of the same coin…Obama being even worse! Please get to know the man, Ron Paul and what he stands for…because he is our last hope to save this nation from imploding. He is the only man that has an amazing track record of honesty, integrity and consistency.

  48. Don Jusko says:

    Who’da thunk we had trolls here in Hawaii. And how did this eel kwah get to post first? Is he one of Obama’s lackeys? They are going to get shellacked come 2011 .

  49. Makikijoe says:

    Ron Paul is just warmed over Libertarianism which most voters have soundly rejected in election after election, and in many, many places across this country. For many, many years.

    There is an important role for government. And it is not just to protect us from foreign enemies and to have a police force to keep law and order (as the silly Ayn Rand crowd would have us believe).

    I actually LIKE the fact that the government has meat inspectors and an environmental enforcement agency to keep our air and water quality at acceptable levels.

    Also, I like the fact that there are building inspectors to make sure developers don’t build cheap and dangerous housing by using shoddy materials and unsafe construction methods.

    Too much govertnment, Mr. Paul ?

    Maybe we have too LITTLE government. Maybe that’s why we had the crash of 1929 and the Great recession of 2008. Poor and ineffective oversight of the market.

    And remember, people’s lives and savings and their retirement nest eggs are at risk.

    Had those financial “instruments” (better known as derivatives) been better regulated, the crash of recent years might not have happened.

    • admin says:

      The free market can and would regulate meat if government was out of the way. Did you know that because of government, Taco Bell can claim to serve beef tacos if there is more than 13% beef in their meat filling? So they increased it from 11%.. yay gov.

      If left in private or smaller government hands, we could have better environmental protection through enforcement of private property. This isn’t to say that the Federal government could not take over some of these roles.. however, they need to do it the proper way and have an amendment to the constitution. Safe buildings have been a part of law for thousands of years. Just because the federal government steps out of the way does not mean a state government or other organization wouldn’t step in. In the wake of Katrina, the building permits were so hard to get, people that could rebuild, simply left. Others got help from none other than Brad Pitt.

      The crash of 1929 was started by the banks ” ” and exacerbated and continued by government. All of this was because of easy credit followed by mal-investment creating a bubble economy. The government HAS oversight… it will NEVER be effective, why did nobody listen when Schiff pointed out that housing prices were exceeding inflation of other goods and services and that it would normalize with a crash?
      The derivatives were congressionally BANNED from oversight (hows that for smart gov). The reason is because the banks were being FORCED to make bad loans through other regulation and they needed a way to hide/protect themselves or housing would have crashed a lot sooner. This is also the reason why they were bailed out. The government’s socialist housing goals failed and it would have been unfair to blame the banks for attempting to provide loans to low quality applicants. Capitalism works when government gets out of the way, and gets abused otherwise. A gold standard provides long term price stability and the expense of short term instability and according to Greenspan a requirement of freedom. Perhaps if we followed the law “only gold and silver” we would not need more oversight.

    • admin says:

      Do you realize how little the FDA does to help us? They routinely skip over the largest meat factories and harass smaller farms. And how much they get paid? I think inspections would be best left up to the states. The problem with the EPA is that they give permission for corporations to pollute other peoples property. You think corporations might want to influence the EPA and FDA for personal gain? Government gets taken advantage of all the time, at our expense and detriment.

  50. admin says:

    Ron Paul does not support sanctions… how does that make him isolationist?

  51. Scott S says:

    People especially in Hawaii, are prone to wanting socialism, Many are pro Obama and do not see him as the evil within. The President swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, yet his agenda is to do away with the 1st and 2nd amendments. The spending rate of Obama is far greater than the growth of the economy (hyperinflation). America will fall from within due to Barack Obama and his henchmen. Learn from history, Germany suffered hyperinflation prior to World War II. Remember Adolf Hitler was a Leftist, and the Nazi’s murdered millions. Write or call your elected officials who all swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and insist that they Defend the Constitution and the American way of life before it is too late.

  52. rugbyn71 says:

    The idea that Democrats are not pro big business is ludicrous. President Obama is a backer of big business like the majority of folks on the right. Case in point is the Presidents support to GE who pays no federal taxes on their billion dollars a year profits.
    The more and more I read about the Democratic and Republican Party the more and more I start leaning to the Libertarian Party, and Ron Paul draws the best policies of both parties (Democrat and Republican) into his policies. Granted he is a Republican but his ideas are Libertarian.
    President Obama may be the choice of many Hawaii voters but it seems to be based solely on the fact he was born here in Hawaii and not because he is the best choice for the country.

  53. BlairS says:

    The only way to change our current situation is to take back our country from corporations. Give the power back to the people. I believed Obama was the man for the job. I believed he would end the illegal wars we are engaged in, and begin to heal the wounds caused by our backward foreign policy. I believed he would stop giving subsidies to agribusiness. I believed he would use the bailout money to create a “New, New Deal” by building infrastructure for renewable energy, pouring money into public transportation and sustainable cars, champion the importance of our oceans and hold companies responsible for the externalities destroying it, etc. Instead he has continued Bush’s policies on all these issues. He kept the same guy in charge of waging wars (and then was betrayed by him.). He keeps giving all the control of our food to agribusiness, pouring our tax dollars into corn and wheat subsidies, and has done nothing to make our food system more viable. And, the bailout money was used to bail out wall street, all the people who got rich during the inflation, and left the little guy out in the cold. The same guys that go between corporate america and washington to ensure their interests are met and still up to their old tricks. I couldn’t be more disappointed. His campaign was a lie. If I had looked more closely at how he voted, rather than what he said, I may not have been dooped so easily, but then again, he was very convincing.
    Ron Paul is the one who can really bring about real change. He has voted for liberty and against tyranny consistently since being in office. He is not a typical republican, or a typical politician. I can’t believe I plan to vote for a a republican from Texas. Never in a million years did I think liberty would be touted by republicans, but I was wrong. There was a flip back in the day between parties, and once upon a time, it was republicans that were considered liberal and democrats who were considered conservative. Anyone else remember that from history class? Anyways, it important to always look beyond the parties, and stick to the issues.
    Ron Paul definitely has my vote!!!!!!

  54. Alan says:

    Yo, I’m all about Ron Paul for president in 2012. I voted for Obama back in ’08, mostly cause I was routing for the home team. After that clown took office and started distancing himself from all those promises, like the repealing of the patriot act, ending the wars within months of office, being the most transparent, yada yada yada…I came across a video of a guy named Ron Paul. He looked super goofy, almost like a Elmer fudd, he looked timid, and borderline frail. Man but I continued to watch his debates, and dude was right on point with literally EVERYTHING. The crazy part about it is, he was right for the last 20+ years. From foreign policy, the drug war, constitutional integrity, the fuckin IRS, and he was also the only one speaking on our monetary system who made sense. As far as I’m concerned, all those counters better be ready for a big surprise in the upcoming election. In 2008 the media basically tried to shut him out, but in the last three years those videos circulating of his speeches have stew the Ed his base throughout the country…to the point where the same media who tried to shut him out in ’08, is basically forced to ask the question ” how did this crazy conspiracy crank…get so much right?”<–talk about having an egg on yur face. Hawaii would welcome dis brides wit open arms. I suggest u avoid all the negative/positive debate about Ron and do what I did. Check him out if u haven't already and make up yur mind from there.

    "An Idea whose time has come, cannot be defeated"- Ron Paul.

  55. Kacee says:

    No, it’s the same old Republican stuff warmed over.
    For the wealthy and Big-Business, that favors and are beholden to their shareholders and CEO’s.
    Against Government that favors programs that aid the middle-class and poor.
    Don’t be conned electorate, vote what you think is best for you.

    • admin says:

      Which republican are you comparing Ron Paul to?

      I would say that Obama supports the wealthy and big-business just as much as any other mainstream politician. Ron Paul is different because he would not bail out failures of large business such as banks and automotive companies. Ron Paul is also in favor of ending the subsidies to oil companies. He is against the banking system that props up the largest of companies and reduces the competitiveness of small companies. Did you know that GM and GE can borrow directly from the Federal Reserve at rates lower than everyday people? No.. Ron Paul is not in favor of giving large companies more priviledges than the people of this land have. Ron understands that the REASON large companies lobby the government is because it has uncontrolled power and if the federal government was following the constitution companies would have no reason to corrupt our system of government.

    • admin says:

      The middle class does not need government favors and would be better off if government was out of the way. The poor should not ask for government to steal from others on their behalf. It is in fact the increasing size of government that is widening the difference between rich and poor. When government employees make more than civilians, less fortunate people have a more difficult time competing for resources.

      Don’t be conned electorate! Don’t feed the lion hoping that it eats you last!

  56. Kacee says:

    The point is, Ron Paul is selling the same old Republican elixir, just warmed over for the new suckers.

    • admin says:

      Paul has been consistent for 20+ years and votes the same as he talks. This isn’t the same old politics. He is completely opposite of Obama, who’s policies are almost indistinguishable from Bushes. Nothing really changed, except the government and banks got bigger.

    • admin says:

      Would you agree that an Anti-War, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Civil Liberty, and Anti-Drug War, president would be the best option?

      Or are you happy with Obama’s war’s, Anti-Constitution, Pro-Drug War, Pro-Patriot Act, Anti-Sovereignty stance?

      I would like to opt out of all the failed government policies, but because of the banking system, its nearly impossible.

  57. Kacee says:

    Captain Cook was not the problem. If the British had controlled the territory, Hawaii would still have a recognized monarchy.
    What destroyed the Hawaiian Nation, the Queen Liliuokulani and the Hawaiian people were the missionaries/plantation owners who through their greed, illegally overthrew and took possession of the government. The natives by the thousands wanted and could have pushed the one Navy gunboat into the sea, locked up the plantation owners, charge them with sedition and pack them back off to the ‘mainland’.
    The Queen did not want bloodshed and having a guarantee from the US that this would be overturned, she acceeded to be locked up. They lied and the rest is history.
    By the way, the vote to become a possession, which was passed, Hawaiians were not allowed to vote.

    • admin says:

      If you want Hawaii to be more free, the federal government must be smaller. Ron Paul is your guy. Secede from the union if you want. Big government and lying are not separable.

    • Wonderfully said, Kacee.
      Greed is what is tainting humanity right now. I deeply respect the Hawaiian heritage, and find myself feeling apologetic for the US’s involvement in such corrupt activity.
      Ron Paul stands for everything that can help heal American from the greed and brainwashing that is tainting America’s ethic system.
      The government needs major reformation, it seems that Ron Paul is the only one with ideas innovative enough to really free us from the tyranny and corruption that is plaguing the USA.

    • Kekoa says:

      Its called imperialism… It happened all over the world not just in Hawaii and no matter what the Hawaiians did they would NOT have won… China tried to repel imperialism and got smashed.

  58. The comment by eel kwah, was both insulting and uninformed !! The Captain Cook reference was
    totally missplaced, and his godly referance to Obama land just shows his left leaning attitude of
    big government tax and spend. I have been on this island for 12 years and have never seen such
    stupidity anywere else in the country. Our State Government is a Bad joke on the hard working people
    of Hawaii.

  59. William Entsminger says:

    No more voting for the lesser of evils. Ron Paul for President 2012

    • Queen of Liberty says:

      This is “Obama Land”? Better lose that racist attitude brother. It’s dangerous. Don’t you know we’re in for the fight of our lives against world government? There won’t be any property rights. Don’t you know that the US is handing over infrastructre to the United Nations? = National Parks, , ports to name a few even part of Hawaii’s Oceans Please catch up this isn’t about being black vs white. Please see the Obama Deception on youtube. It’s free. I see political illerates talk about “our boy” Obama! As if he’s a UH football player we’re slapping on the back or something. Don’t you know that OB has already said he takes his orders from the UN not congress?
      I don’t care to enjoy world government. Please catch up.

  60. eel kwah says:

    Ron Paul reminds some of us as the Captain Cook of modern times — the missionary to save the natives from ourselves … just another white man, pretending to be a god. Stay out Hawaii dude … we don’t need your feces here! This is Obama Land.

    • admin says:

      If you ever heard him talk, you would understand that he seeks to limit the power of the federal government. This would allow Hawaii to have whatever government it wants. He does not pretend to be powerful and seeks to remove power for the central government and the presidents position. What has he done to direct any racism towards him?

    • Kaimi Pelekai says:


    • Blaseboniface says:

      Ron Paul for President!! Don’t let racism divide us. Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity for everyone.

    • Brad says:

      This is not a football game dude. It’s not about the man; it’s about the idea.

    • admin says:

      “build walls of tarriff ” … Who is the isolationist now?

      No.. we do not need to pay people to be our friends. They are not really our friends if you have to pay them. Do you think Saudi Arabia will back us up if we get attacked? Yeah right. Do you really think Israel is better off with our intervention? Who stopped Iraq from getting nukes? It was Israel who bombed their facilities. Who is best to stop Iran from getting nukes? Israel, if we let them. We cannot afford to be world police.

      1. Stop paying foreign aid. We are broke.
      2. Stop paying for other countries defense, if they want us there, they can pay us. South Korea is a trading partner, and they will be our friends regardless if our military base is there.

      3. Defend our borders. We have known enemies yet our border is not enforced. Meanwhile, we are enforcing borders on the other side of the world. Bring the troops HOME!

    • Mel says:

      This response is obviously being made nearly 6 months after eel kwah’s response, pasted below…

      Ron Paul reminds some of us as the Captain Cook of modern times — the missionary to save the natives from ourselves … just another white man, pretending to be a god. Stay out Hawaii dude … we don’t need your feces here! This is Obama Land.

      eel kwah,

      Do you know anything about Ron Paul? If you would stop and learn a bit about him, you would understand how wrong you are about him. Let me put it this way: If Ron Paul was the president of the United States at the time of the overthrow of the monarchy, there wouldn’t have been an overthrow.

      Ron Paul wants America’s President to abide by the Constitution. If every president did this, Americans, and Hawaiians could live their lives as they choose, without government interference and control, without government over taxation, without government snooping into our private lives and business.

      Your “This is Obamaland” comment is rather discouraging. It tells me that you prefer the federal government continue to control our lives, tell us what we can and can’t do, and so on. This is sad considering that Ron Paul stands for individual liberty; that means freedom from government.

      If this is what you truly feel, and if you believe you know all that you need to know, then you live in Disneyland, not “Obamaland”. What’s up Hawaiian? Educate yourself! Don’t follow others blindly.


    • jo says:

      some will always be ignorant, ron paul is the only guy running who will fight to give you back you god given rights to freedom. obama pushed the patriot act right through in his 2nd month after he said he would repeal it. that is the act that give big brother a green light to spy on every American, hold them without charges and without a lawyer. common wake up ell kwah you make no sense and show yourself to be racist. the man is a marxist in my opinion, oh is it ok for me to freely express my opinion or should i shut up like they do in north korea, china, russia, do you get it now?

    • Christopher Olson says:

      Obama land? And you call yourself a Hawaiian.

      Ron Paul would bring you much closer to being free, independent Native Hawaiians than Obama or his statist handlers ever will. You are workers on the US Corporate Bank Controlled Plantation. Obama is one of their senior management team and PR people.

      Do you have no sense of individual liberty?

    • Mr Kanaka says:

      eel, first of all it was the Polynesians who mistook Captain Cook for the god Lono. Not the other way around. Second, you hide behind propagandist persuasion that completely fails to back up your claim “reminds some of us as”. Sounds a lot like the words they use on Fox News. Third, the missionaries arrived around 1820, 44 years after Cook. Fourth, you are clearly suffering from xenophobia (big word I know, look it up if you can find a dictionary). By 2011, when you posted this, you should have learned that race has nothing to do with world events, it’s always about money and the pursuit of power. Europeans were not the first group to colonize Hawaii, menehune’s are widely thought to have populated Hawaii prior to the arrival of Hawaiians. And unfortunately for you, there are people in Hawaii that are capable of rational thought and their vote counts just as much as yours. You have no ability whatsoever to extend your limited mental reach beyond your self. You have all the rights to vote for whoever you want, but get your history straight before you go around spreading your bs around.

    • Queen of Liberty says:

      For every $1.00 sent to the criminals in WDC, the states get back 33 cents – with strings attached. Lately the feds are bankrupting the states. Go to any townhall meeting w your representative and hear about cuts to medicaid (due to obamacare, that cut 500Billion out of Medicaid- that’s poor people!). The insurance company’s stocks are soaring, huge deductibles are now in effect, benefits have shrunk, and insurance premiums have soared so high we can’t even afford insurance or if we have it, still can’t afford to use the medical system as it covers so little on top of it all. Great plan. If you’re an insider that is. We have been hijacked by criminals who operate for the corporations and the banks. Unite with us, we are the Re-Love-ution! Ron Paul and his supporters are running a race against the media, the banker owned media. Worse, we are running against people who are not informed. I mean, sports, some wierdo gaga, reality shows, idolism, imoral tv. Godless. By saying end the federal reserve Ron Paul has a target on his back. He and his wife have decided that it’s worth it. He came out a year ago and said: “Ideas are bullet proof. No army can stop an idea whose time has come”. Look at all the presidents who have attempted to end the illegal private central bank who has stolen all of our wealth: each of them has either been assinated or has had several attempts. Jackson hated the central bank (Fed Reserve) so much. They dishonored him by putting his picture on every $ 20. bill. Kennedy was in the process of ending the fed. Lincoln stated that to his rear was a force more formidable than the confederate army- the central banks. Wilson gave away control of our currency and let the private fed reserve bank have it. His deathbed regret! The fed reserve has taken 96 cents of every dollar since their 1913 inception. LISTEN. Ron Paul is for real and will tell you the truth!

    • educated says:

      It seems more like you are a racist. “Just another white man?” Please tell us how Ron Paul is pretending to be a god. I would really like to know. If you have actually watched interviews, you will know that he has actively been fighting for equal rights and talks about how drug laws have been unfair to blacks. Ron Paul wants individual liberties for people of all colors.

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